• 26.06.2014 Swiss software company Hulbee AG launches intelligent “answer finder”


    As of 26 June 2014, the website will be launching a secure and technologically more advanced alternative to existing search engines. Swisscows is a smart high-tech search engine which gives the user intelligent answers instead of just thousands of links. In addition, Swisscows users leave no trace of themselves behind; their data are not recorded and hence not stored. The servers are in Switzerland and inaccessible to data sniffers. Swisscows was developed by the Swiss software company Hulbee AG.


    It is a well-known fact that any search using US-based providers leaves behind unwelcome traces which are used to build a profile of the searcher. For this reason, Swiss-based specialists in artificial intelligence working for the software company Hulbee AG have developed an alternative. This is not only secure, but also significantly smarter than existing search engines. And, for this reason, the developers have called it an “answer finder”.


    No one has more answers than is the first smart search engine. “We are targeting users who demand high quality but also a high level of security. Because Swisscows is based on semantic data recognition and offers users intuitive help in their searching, we are able to give them answers fast,” says Hulbee founder and CEO Andreas Wiebe. It uses cloud technology which requires no search logic, but produces answers which the user will find helpful.

  is the secure alternative

    Andreas Wiebe adds: “We were also keen to provide a search engine that does not build a profile of the user and then use it for advertising purposes. Our servers are in Switzerland, and search behaviour is neither recorded nor stored. Our aim is to offer a genuine alternative to everyone who cares about safeguarding their identity.”


    Swisscows is the efficient alternative for everyone who regards data security and identity protection as important. Unlike more familiar search engines, users leave no traces behind on Their queries and areas of interest are not stored, and so they are not harvested to chase further business. The servers are all in Switzerland and are owned by the company.


    Swisscows is also available as an inexpensive advertising platform for SMEs and, in this way too, it aims to offer an alternative to the overly powerful search engines.


    The Swisscows search engine is being simultaneously launched in the German-speaking countries (.ch, .de, .at), French-speaking countries (.fr) and English-speaking countries (.com). Security is guaranteed in all countries in the same way as in Switzerland; traffic is routed through the servers located in Zug, Switzerland. was developed by the software company Hulbee AG, which is based in Egnach (Thurgau) and was founded 14 years ago by Andreas Wiebe. Hulbee is experienced in the fields of business intelligence, IT and corporate management. Its focus is on research and development and the efficient use of neural networks.

  • 12.07.2012 Hulbee AG and IDG Communications AG present

    Hulbee AG and IDG Communications AG present the new Swiss price comparison portal Regardless of whether computer, consumer electronics, clothes or do it yourself: from now on, the Swiss find everything at

    Hulbee AG signed a cooperation agreement with the media specialist IDG Communications AG regarding the new price comparison portal Hulbee AG and IDG Communications AG will run this price comparison portal together.
    The e-commerce market in Switzerland is steadily increasing and has grown dramatically especially since 2011. Never before has the growth in the e-commerce business in Switzerland been so attractive as today. „Price comparison portals in Switzerland are not yet fully developed and are therefore an economically attractive market gap“ says CEO of the Hulbee AG Andreas Wiebe. Through the cooperation with IDG Communications AG, which is represented on the Swiss market with the magazines PCtipp and Computerworld in the area it-media, the price comparison portal is being advertised and generally made widely known in these media. The goal of this cooperation is to become the dominating top price comparison portal in Switzerland. The Swiss market volume is currently about CHF 134 m. per month.
    The Swiss not only find products from the fields of computer and electronics, but from home and garden, fashion, shoes, clothing, food to baby products. already has 120 stores with over 150 m. products from various fields and allows for optimal purchase. Well-known online retailers could already be engaged as partners, such as Manor, Sunrise, Neckermann, Conrad, Interdiscount,,, acscomputer, Weltbild, Distrelec etc.
    Besides online advertising, also sales revenues are being directly generated at the online stores through the price comparison portal If the product is purchased at the store, the store partner is paying the agreed commission.
    Currently, is rapidly growing. “By the end of the year 2012, the amount of store partners will increase to approx. 400-500″ CEO Andreas Wiebe adds. Every online store can register on the platform and be connected after internal review. Registration is free of charge for the store retailer.

  • 07.05.2012 Hulbee AG wins BWRmed!a

    Hulbee AG wins BWRmed!a.

    Within the scope of an innovative expansion of the company-wide web-search, BWRMed!a has integrated the technology of the Hulbee AG, which is listed on the Swiss stock exchange. BWRmed!a is a specialist publisher of the publishing house for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG. By means of this new search technology, intuitive searching can be made possible. Companies with a multitude of information contents – but also e-commerce platforms – are limited by the efficiency of the search engines currently on the market. The innovation of the Hulbee AG product “DataCloud” lies especially in the fact that when the word being searched for is entered, the search technology completely independently searches for other terms that match the word. Now it is reality – you can find a needle in a haystack. By entering the word, e.g. salary, the Hulbee AG DataCloud offers other terms in a type of data cloud, such as: wages, labor law, taxes, etc. Years of research in artificial intelligence lie behind the technology.

    BWRmed!a, headquartered in Bonn, is a specialist publisher for economy and law topics. With its wide range of publications, the publisher competently informs about new judicial developments in the areas of personnel, labor law, wages, salary and taxes. BWRmed!a is the largest specialist publisher of the publishing house for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG. It was founded over 15 years ago.

    The DataCloud is a trendsetting innovation on the search engine market. The new method of visualization accompanies the user through the jungle of thousands of possible search results with a dynamic illustration from automatically extracted key words and intelligent knowledge management. The technologies for searching and visualization are continuously optimized by the Hulbee AG. The Hulbee DataCloud Business Version serves for professional preparation of the website searches of portal operators. It can be developed for every utilized language and uses the respective language morphologies. Amongst further customers and users of this new search technology, “DataCloud”, are also and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

    More information about DataCloud: