• 17.12.2014 Swisscows: This is where the music’s at

    Alternate, anonymous search engine expands searches to audio, including player

    Anonymous search engine Swisscows as of now turns into a player that browses and instantly plays music from around the world. Search by title, album or even themed playlists. The scope not only includes seasonal Christmas music, but also international music from well-known artists and bands. As usual, the search is completely anonymous – still you can select tracks and add them to your favorites. All songs can play in the background while the user continues working in a different browser window as usual.

    Data cloud with covers

    While searching, the data cloud which typically shows extensions of the search term, shows the covers of frequently searched albums. So all you need is to click to switch to a different musician or band. This function is also perfect for mobile use, from smartphones or tablets. Soon there will also be the option to anonymously save your playlist and play it everywhere and from any device by entering your personal password. “Music and videos are only two areas which are quite often searched for next to usual subject matters. We want to provide this multimedia aspect without unnecessary media disruption – hence the built-in player, which instantly plays the music from search results”, states Andreas Wiebe, CEO at the Swisscows operator of the Swiss Hulbee AG.

    Data protection is key – also when it comes to music

    The strict data protection standards still apply. The search is still anonymous; no tracking cookies are installed on the user’s computer. All Swisscows servers are located in Switzerland, therefore beyond the access of the European Union or the USA. The entire search process is based on a semantic analysis of web contents – so Swisscows uses the most innovative type of web search which means one thing in particular for users: answers. “Internet searches nowadays have to be quick. And think along – but not based on the saved search patterns of an individual user, but using intelligent analyses of the web contents returned” states Andreas Wiebe.

  • 24.11.2014 Google rival Swisscows implements video search

    Successfully launched search engine; Swisscows allows searching for videos.
    Five months after being launched, Swisscows already has 800,000 unique users and 3.5 million page impressions per month.

    Using the search engine Swisscows, which was successfully launched five months ago, users can now also search for and find videos in addition to text and images. “As a result of the increase in users in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, we were approached more and more regarding a video search” explains Swisscows operator Andreas Wiebe.

    Effective immediately, search results will also show previews of videos. “Sorted separately by typical criteria makes it easy to keep an overview”, so Andreas Wiebe. Web, image and video searches are completely anonymous for users; neither the IP address nor other information will be saved or processed.

    First, the entire YouTube contents will be added to the Swisscows search index. Searching for videos is anonymous. Once the video is opened it’s no longer anonymous. “Before leaving Swisscows, we warn users about YouTube saving the IP address”, Wiebe explains.

    Answers through semantic search
    Swisscows further allows videos to be sorted by relevance, date, popularity and views. A thumbnail provides a first glance of the video. In addition to a completely innate search index, in the coming months Swisscows will also be working on a separate index for animated images found online. The technology is based on semantic search, and is able to suggest other search terms to the user. From a tile view, a data cloud provides relevant filters for the search term. Reducing time spent searching.

    The Swisscows search engine developed by Swiss software company Hulbee AG, launched in June 2014, now already reaches 800,000 unique users a month and registers 3.5 million page impressions.

  • 03.09.2014 Swisscows: the most secure search engine introduces image search

    • Following its successful launch, the Swisscows search engine has now introduced an image search service and simplified the way it works
    • Swisscows now allows searching in specific regions
    • With 400,000 unique users and 1.6 million page impressions per month, Swisscows has enjoyed a successful start

    Egnach, 3 September 2014 – Following its successful launch eight weeks ago, Swisscows is now introducing an image search service. With its clear and intuitive design, the service helps users find what they want quickly and easily. Swisscows has integrated functions that no other search engine offers. To make searches more effective, an option at the top of the screen allows users to refine results and search according to specific criteria, such as layout, size, colour and type. Images are displayed on the page as thumbnails. By moving the cursor over an image, the user can access three functions: a direct link, a preview function and an option to save the image as a favourite. Chosen images are shown at the bottom of the page so there is no need to open multiple windows.

    Another new feature offered by Swisscows is the option to search by selected region – narrowing search results to those from a specific country or geographical area.

    Swisscows has also revamped its design and optimised the mobile version. Users can now access all functions on all devices. A tag cloud makes searching on mobile devices even simpler.
    All of these new features are being introduced first for the desktop and mobile version. Work is still underway on the Android and iOS apps.

    Within its first eight weeks of operation the Swisscows search engine, developed by Swiss software company Hulbee AG, has already exceeded expectations with around 3 million search requests in Switzerland. Swisscows has 400,000 unique users and 1.6 million page impressions per month. On the technical side, Swisscows continues to undergo rapid development. Updates and extra functionalities are being added almost every week. For advertisers, the Swisscows Annonce text-based advertising service is being further optimised.

    The Swiss-based specialists in artificial intelligence at software company Hulbee AG have developed an alternative to existing search engines. Unlike other well-known engines, Swisscows does not save any user data. Its servers are located in Switzerland, offering guaranteed data security. Answers are delivered quickly because Swisscows is based on semantic data recognition and provides users with intuitive help in their searches. Swisscows filters data to ensure children and young people are protected. The data cloud tile makes access to Swisscows very simple for students and smartphone users.