Answers are coming from the Cloud (04.03.2011)

„We see us as a service provider to anyone, who is daily exposed to a large flood of information using the internet and who needs over and above that features, which makes the computer work simpler and more efficient. This applies to every workstation up to the floor of the board, to save efficient the expenditure and especially time.

Those who have learned to understand information carefully, can also be found in this situation, to analyze, evaluate and use this information. Search engines which can only "search" fail to meet the requirements of the future. Here the features, analysis, visualization, search, categorization and grouping will be combined; the user is entitled to expect a single tool only.

The modules can be used individually or combined; the Hulbee AG is prepared to offer tests of all components for free.

> Projection with semantic technology

In the analysis the most modern semantic methods are used, utilizing the language morphologies of the world’s languages. In the background, the latest technology is linking the search terms with related terms from the sources found and establish connections between themes to limit the search context.

> Answers are in the Cloud

In the display the totality of information is shown in the DataCloud, which is always generated dynamically. The thematic treatments are opened for the users to detect unknown relationships also. In this way the user is permanent supported with his search, demonstrating ways in which he has probably not thought. In doing so information from the desktop, the network and the web will be found; the browser functionality is inbuilt. Service providers allow with the use of the DataCloud on their website the visitor an immediate overview of the contents of the page. Through the integration of special links into the search engine the user is able to configure the application so flexible, that he thus has a universal tool.

Because of the expeditious and vast amounts of data, the precise categorization of relevant information are increasingly necessary and time-consuming. Through the content analysis of documents (including e-mails and attachments) the user receives an indication what type of content it is (for example, 30 % sports, 40 % domestic policy, 20 % business, 10 % other).

In a summary will be read only 2 pages instead of 100 pages and the user still understand the main points. It creates a summary of the text, which will be enriched with information. The software is able to read the text and using semantic and morphological technologies can also “understand” it correctly. The user can enter keywords and stop words. So the software is capable of “learning” and can for example generate automatically key terms cost-saving from document records and add them to the CMS.

> Preview shows content summary

The preview function shows in addition to the document immediately a summary also. For e-mail systems can be immediately recognized the contents of an e-mail, including attachments. This function allows in the transmission of e-mail to modern communication devices (e.g. Blackberry)to transmit only the summary, thus saving bandwidth and time.”

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